20. June 2023

Congestion record on Swiss roads in 2022 – are there courier services that can bypass traffic jams?

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An unpleasant record was set in 2022, with 39,863 hours of congestion. The main reason for traffic jams is not accidents or construction sites, but that the Swiss roads are simply overloaded. The heavy congestion leads to express deliveries of urgently needed goods, such as laboratory samples or spare parts, being delayed. Do you know if there is a courier service that can bypass traffic jams and deliver in record time?

Swiss roads are overloaded

The number of hours of congestion on the national road network has been steadily increasing since the survey, with the only exception being the drop in 2020 due to the pandemic. According to the statistics for May 2023 from the Swiss Federal Roads Office (ASTRA), more than 85% of congestion is due to the roads being overloaded; the national road network simply reaches its limits due to there being just too many cars on the road. A look at the map of Switzerland shows where the national roads are most overloaded, or where congestion occurs most often. In 2022, cars in Switzerland were stuck in gridlocked traffic for 39,863 hours – this is a new record and comes with high costs: the Federal Office for Spatial Development (ARE) estimates the economic consequences of congestion at over 3 billion Swiss francs.

Loads in the total network (ARE: VM-UVEK, ASTRA: SASVZ, SWISSTOPO)

Effects of congestion on express deliveries

If urgently needed goods are transported by road, car couriers get stuck in traffic and cannot predict how late they will arrive at their destination. This is not only annoying, but also expensive and harmful to the environment. Express transport by car takes longer, more fuel is consumed, more emissions (CO2, noise, etc.) are generated, and the courier's working hours increase. That's why smart companies rely on swissconnect – the only courier service that can bypass traffic jams and deliver faster.

Record traffic jams on Swiss roads

Deliveries in record time that won't get stuck in traffic

The basis of swissconnect's unique transport system is the specially developed logistics software that determines the best means of transport. In cities, this is a bike or cargo bike. The goods (laboratory samples, spare parts, etc.) are transported in a locked train compartment for the longer distances between the cities. In remote regions, a car courier is used to unload urgent deliveries from the train and take them to the recipient individually. Trained personnel coordinate and monitor every single express delivery. The swissconnect transport system has been enabling the fastest and most sustainable deliveries throughout Switzerland since 1999. To find out which companies have been using the fastest and most sustainable courier service for many years, click HERE.

Thanks to the clever combination of different means of transport, your express deliveries reach their destination faster than by conventional means of transport.
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