30. October 2023

Constantly increasing car prices put a strain on labs with their own vehicle fleet

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Anyone buying a new or used car is now paying significantly more than in previous years. For Swiss medical labs operating an internal courier service with their own vehicles, this causes a significant increase in transport costs. In this entry, we’ll find out why cars are getting more expensive and whether there are alternatives to road transport for the express transport of lab samples.


There are several reasons for rising car prices

The main reasons why cars have become more expensive include a shortage of chips, a shortage of raw materials and the Ukraine war. According to AGVS (Auto Gewerbe Verband Schweiz) car prices reached record highs in 2022 across all vehicle sectors and fuel types. The limited supply is pushing prices of new cars up with buyers paying around 8% more compared with 2021. Many buyers have turned to the used car market resulting in prices of used cars increasing by an average of 14%.

Cars are getting more and more expensive. Source Automobil Revue

Car prices continue to rise

Supply issues with microchips and raw materials remain unchanged and further restrict the offer in the car sector. Therefore, further price increases can be expected across all fuel types and vehicle segments in the future. In addition to rising car and fuel prices, there is also constant traffic congestion, which makes road transport slower and more expensive. The logistics and finance departments of labs with their own vehicle fleet are seeking alternatives to road transport.

Reduce journey times and costs with swissconnect

Every day, countless lab samples are collected from medical practices and hospitals and taken to labs. Constantly rising transport costs, driven by high prices for new cars and fuel as well as traffic congestion, are currently affecting many labs in Switzerland. The swissconnext courier service has been offering a solution to these problems through express transport for over 20 years. The swissconnect transport system combines the appropriate means of transportation (bicycle, train, car) with a reduction in the time between sample collection and the return of findings. Lab samples travel long distances by train, which is not only faster and more environmentally friendly than road transport but also cheaper. Find out which labs already use the fastest and most sustainable courier service in Switzerland an CLICK HERE.

Thanks to the clever combination of different means of transport, your express deliveries reach their destination faster than by conventional means of transport.
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