06. January 2023

The express courier service swissconnect saved 4'109 tonnes of CO2 in 2022

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A normal delivery service has its own vehicles, which clog up Swiss roads every day and cause huge CO2 emissions. For more than 20 years, the express courier service swissconnect has been an exception, and last year it saved… tonnes of CO2, corresponding to about… litres of oil. The text below explains how swissconnect manages to provide a delivery service that is faster and at the same time more environmentally friendly than any other national courier service.

Unique transport system as a recipe for success

When something needs to be delivered urgently, a car usually drives from A to B and drives back empty. For example, when urgently needed laboratory samples, documents, or spare parts are transported. But does it make sense to use a car weighing several tonnes for such express shipments, which then drives back empty after delivery? At swissconnect, we don't think so, and have been relying on our unique transport system since 1999. Our logistics software cleverly combines the appropriate means of transport (bicycle, car, or train). For most of the route, the goods are transported in a locked compartment on a train, while the first and last mile are covered by our 80 partner companies all over Switzerland. This sophisticated transport system enables us to make deliveries not only faster, but also in a way that's many times more environmentally friendly than any other courier service in Switzerland.

The combination of different means of transport enables the fastest and most ecological deliveries - throughout Switzerland.

CO2 calculator in collaboration with Swiss Climate

The CO2 calculator determines the environmental footprint of each express delivery handled by swissconnect. This value is compared with the emissions resulting from direct express delivery by car. swissconnect has not implemented the CO2 calculator independently, but with the assistance of Swiss Climate, a well-established consulting company in the field of CO2 management.

How much CO2 did your courier service save in 2022?

Fast and ecological document transport throughout Switzerland with swissconnect
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