Express shipments often get stuck in traffic jams – what is the solution?

The increase in traffic jams presents a huge challenge to B2B express logistics in particular. Image source: Pixabay

Delayed express deliveries are expensive in the B2B area. Why? They can increase machine downtime, because an engineer has to wait for replacement parts which are stuck in a traffic jam, for example. But there are alternatives for logistics specialists to ensure their urgent shipments arrive at their destinations quickly.

Lucerne, January 25th 2019 - Michael Hauenstein, Director Marketing & Sales

More traffic jams – and no end in sight

Ralph is annoyed. Once again, one of his couriers is stuck in a traffic jam and will be late delivering an urgently needed replacement part to a technician. Now Ralf has to explain to his disgruntled customer that their costly production downtime will go on for even longer. This is a fact of life for companies that send internal express shipments via road.

Ralph has a feeling that his drivers are spending even longer in traffic jams now than they used to – is this really the case? He does some research and finds out that the Swiss national roads are actually overburdened. The number of hours that cars, delivery vehicles and trucks spend in traffic jams has risen sharply. In 2017, the Swiss Federal Roads Office recorded 25,853 hours of traffic jams on Swiss national roads, which is 7.4% more than the previous year.

If the national roads are congested, this means that traffic increasingly shifts to cantonal and urban roads. Ralph’s drivers are therefore waiting on the motorways, on the access roads and in the cities. It is a challenging situation for Ralph and his drivers because they have to deliver urgent shipments as quickly as possible. To ensure the entire supply chain is processed in a time- and cost-efficient way, it is important to avoid traffic jams and associated delays.

Hours of traffic jams on Swiss national roads. Image source: ASTRA

Traffic jams cost a lot of time and money in the B2B area in particular

The in-house couriers that Ralph schedules reach the customer late. Even waiting around in the car costs a lot of money. According to calculations by the Swiss Federal Office for Spatial Development, costs associated with traffic jams came to around CHF 1.9 billion in 2015.

The economic costs are enormous. For one thing, a traffic jam costs money. For another, vehicles consume more fuel. This becomes expensive: compared with fuel consumption when driving freely, cars and trucks consume up to 45% more fuel in traffic jams. At the same time, CO2 emissions increase, which damages the environment.

Ralph’s company has noticed these additional expenses. He has been commissioned by the finance department to pay more attention to logistics’ costs in future and look for alternatives.


swissconnect avoids traffic jams and provides the fastest delivery

Fast, secure and reliable. These are essential qualities for B2B express deliveries from A to B. Ralph has compared several external courier services and chosen swissconnect ag from Lucerne. The company has been specializing in national express deliveries since 1999. But just how does swissconnect avoid traffic jams and the associated delays?

Easy: the courier service intelligently combines various modes of transport. For long distances, e.g. between cities, swissconnect uses rail transport. In addition, the company has a network of around 80 local courier firms across Switzerland. In this way, Courier A in Zurich collects the shipment from the sender, and Courier B delivers it to the recipient in Bern. In cities and agglomerations these are bicycle couriers; in surrounding regions car or taxi couriers. Larger shipments are transported by companies that specialize in general cargo.

swissconnect always provides Ralph with the right mode of transport at the right time in the right place. The finance department welcomes the solution. Fixed costs in logistics are lower. Moreover, the solution is more environmentally friendly, and there are fewer cars on the roads. Thanks to the large network, Ralph’s urgent shipments travel quickly, securely and reliably throughout Switzerland.

Do you want to know how swissconnect uses combined transport to avoid traffic jams? Find out here.

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