Clever express logistics thanks to combined transport

Thanks to combined transport, express shipments arrive at their destination quickly, ecologically and economically. Image source: Veloblitz

Every mode of transport has its strengths. Bicycles and cargo bikes are unparalleled when it comes to city traffic and agglomerations. For longer distances there is the railway, and the quickest way to reach surrounding areas is by car. What would happen if we used only the strengths of each mode of transport for transporting express deliveries? Find out here.

Lucerne, January 7th 2019 - Michael Hauenstein, Director Marketing & Sales

Nicole commutes to work every day. She tried commuting by car, but she wasted a lot of time in traffic jams. Now her journey is faster. She rides her bike to the station and takes the train from there. Nicole is using combined transport, which is also known as multimodal or intermodal transport.


How combined transport works

Combined transport involves at least two modes of transport (e.g. bicycle, train, car). The train covers the majority of the distance. The remainder of the journey takes place on the road. The aim is to intelligently combine the strengths of individual modes of transport. This way, people and goods can be transported quickly and in an energy-efficient way.

Combined transport has already been used for a long time in the transportation of people, as Nicole’s commute shows. But it is also possible to transport express shipments this way. swissconnect ag is the only Swiss company that uses combined transport in express logistics.


Benefits of combined transport in express logistics

When an urgent shipment is sent to another city, people often rely on cars and engage the services of either an in-house courier, a taxi company or a courier service. The disadvantages of this are that a car has to drive the route twice, because it has to come back. Couriers experience the same thing that Nicole did when she drove her car to work. They spend long periods of time in traffic jams and arrive late. This costs a lot and damages the environment. (More information about traffic jams can be found here.)

For commuters like Nicole, combined transport makes perfect sense in Switzerland, a country with an excellent railway system. But it also provides benefits when sending urgent shipments. We have one of the densest railway networks in the world, and Swiss Federal Railways SBB is the most punctual railway company in Europe. The railway stations are in city centres. From the station, bicycles deliver express shipments in no time at all. Compared to a courier journey by car, combined transport is faster, more environmentally friendly and cheaper, too. On top of which, there is no long return journey. The shipment is passed on like a baton in a relay race until it reaches its destination.

From an ecological and economic perspective, it is worth intelligently combining various modes of transport, whether for Nicole’s work commute or for transporting express shipments. This is precisely what swissconnect, based in Lucerne, specializes in. Since 1999.


Coordinating every express shipment via software

Nicole is responsible for ensuring she gets onto the correct train and gets off it again at the right place. But how does swissconnect ensure that an express delivery reaches its destination quickly and securely by means of combined transport? As this process involves several modes of transport, it is crucial to coordinate and monitor every express shipment. The key component is the software that swissconnect has specially created and continues to develop.

swissconnect coordinates every express delivery centrally, from order acceptance to delivery. Furthermore, the planning team monitor shipments and correct them when necessary. Around 700 couriers across Switzerland work with swissconnect. They are permanently in contact with the swissconnect headquarters via app or telephone, and can react immediately. We guarantee fast delivery and the best quality.


Why not take advantage of the benefits of swissconnect? We have over 20 years of experience in national express logistics and look forward to getting to know you and your requirements.