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In the area of clinical research, the biological specimens often have to remain frozen during transport. They also have to reach the recipient punctually, preferably in record time, so that the analyses can be precisely planned and quickly completed. Frequently, though, the sender does not have the necessary cooling options such as dry ice or cooling packs, or the necessary packaging material. For special shipments with dry ice or specialised cooling packs, swissconnect offers a rapid and sustainable transportation solution – for everywhere in Switzerland.

Dry ice or cold packs?

Dry ice makes it possible to send lab specimens cold. Depending on the quantity, dry ice itself has to be declared as a hazardous material, because if the concentration gets too high, it poses an asphyxiation risk. The reason for this is that dry ice (carbon dioxide CO2) does not melt, but sublimates, i.e. changes directly into a gas from its solid form. This odourless gas expands greatly and due to its higher density, it displaces the oxygen in the air.  For this reason swissconnect does not rely on dry ice alone, but offers you a re-useable cooling solution. It involves the use of specialised cooling packs along with an insulated shipping box with a sensor which constantly measures the temperature. For faster and more ecologically sound shipping of frozen lab specimens swissconnect uses this unique transport system. Of course, we will send the data from the temperature sensor to you for quality control, if you would like. The all-in-one solution for cooling and rapid transport of frozen biological specimens is available in all of Switzerland– even for night-time transport.


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