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swissconnect is your experienced partner for fast and sustainable logistics solutions in the 20 largest cities in Switzerland.

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Logistics solutions for urban areas

Delivery vans and lorries clog up city centres, leading to late deliveries and disappointed customers. But it doesn't have to be this way. Swissconnect is your experienced contact point for fast and sustainable logistics solutions in the 20 largest cities in Switzerland. You decide whether we will deliver your valuable goods as an express delivery as soon as possible or as a same-day delivery within a specified time window.

In the largest 20 Swiss cities, swissconnect has relied on bike couriers since 1999

The right means of transport for city logistics

Every means of transport has its advantages – in city centres, bikes are the clear winner. Local bike couriers not only know every corner of your city, they also don’t waste valuable time looking for a parking space when delivering goods. This means your shipment gets to your customer quickly and in an environmentally-friendly way, leaving them pleasantly surprised. A cargo bike with a trailer can carry up to 80 kg. This means they can easily handle even heavy shipments or long distribution routes in an environmentally-friendly way. Swissconnect, the fastest and most sustainable courier service in Switzerland, has been using bicycles in city centres for over 20 years – you too can benefit from our experience.

The swissconnect network brings together over 500 bike couriers from all over Switzerland

Centralised logistics software

Efficient processes for deliveries on the last mile are extremely important. This requires the couriers in all 23 cities to use centralised logistics software. Swissconnect plays a pioneering role in this area and launched Switzerland's first digital courier platform back in 2001. Data can be transmitted either via the API interface or the password-protected customer login. The couriers also use a standardised app that shows the pending shipment orders and can, for example, record the customer's digital signature.

swissconnect has been working with a specially developed digital courier platform since 2001

Depots for the storage and handling of goods

Hubs at central locations are a rare asset - and we offer them in different sizes. Lorries, vans, and cars are not suitable for distributing goods in urban areas. However, they are suitable for delivering large quantities of goods to hubs, from which bicycles and cargo bikes handle the local distribution along the last mile in an environmentally-friendly way. In addition to handling goods, you can also store your goods in our well-situated depots. As soon as your customer places an order, it will be delivered quickly because the delivery routes are short thanks to the central storage.

Transfer to cargo bikes for fast and ecological delivery in the city centre

Your contact point for all of Switzerland

swissconnect is the largest network of professional express courier companies and consists of over 80 long-standing partner companies throughout Switzerland. We have been committed to sustainability and quality since the company was founded over 20 years ago. The local bike couriers are permanently employed by the partner companies, are paid a decent wage, are well-insured, and are subject to the collective labour agreement for bike couriers and urban services. Swissconnect is your experienced contact point for handling urban logistics solutions in the 20 largest cities in Switzerland.

For longer distances, swissconnect has been using rail since 1999 to get express deliveries to their destination faster and more ecologically than any other courier service.

Bike couriers as brand ambassadors

You want to create positive brand experiences for your customers. Fast and environmentally-friendly delivery, as well as personal contact between your customer and the bike courier when the goods are handed over, play an essential role in this. Switzerland's professional bike couriers have a demonstrably very good image and are seen as environmentally-friendly, fit, and likeable. Benefit from this positive image, which will be transferred to your products and your brand.

Since the company was founded in 1999, swissconnect has relied on the Swiss bicycle couriers
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