swissconnect ag over the years
2019 Important numbers of swissconnect ag:
23 stock holders
15 employees/ 10.0 FTE (full time equivalent)
35 contractual partners and 55 job-partners
470 licensed cycling messengers and 190 licensed car drivers
10 wiss railroad companies as contractual partners (SBB, BLS, RhB, ...)
1 overnight partner in Switzerland (Quali-Night)
1 partner for overseas deliveries
2018 Re-certification of ISO 9001:2015
Own mobile app for partners
2017 Surpassing of 78‘000 express-deliveries mark within a year
2016 The Swiss Post provides us with further growth and provides us with your courier orders.
Surpassing of 69‘000 express-deliveries mark within a year
2014 Surpassing of 52‘000 express-deliveries mark within a year
2013 Development of own software
2012 Re-certification of ISO 9001
Surpassing of 40‘000 express-deliveries mark within a year
2009 ISO 9001: Certification in 2008
2008 Surpassing of 20‘000 express-deliveries mark within a year
2004-2008 Expansion of network
2004 Surpassing of 10‘000 express-deliveries mark within a year
06.08.2001 Founding of swissconnect ag, Lucerne
29.03.1999 Founding of Swiss Connect GmbH (limited company) in Lucerne as spin-off of cycling courier Lucerne
01.04.1996 Contractual cooperation with SBB
ab 1992 Cooperation with Autoteilet (today called Mobility), a service that provides four wheels on call
01.10.1990 For the first time, deliveries are transferred between Lucerne, Bern, Thun, Basel and Zurich by train – stamped manually by the PTT (postal service, today’s Post)
01.09.1988 Founding of first Swiss cycling courier