Frequently asked questions

How can I apply for a customer login?

We would like to create a customer login for you, for this we only need the form below completely filled out.


Why isn't the courier in place at the time ordered?

Depending on the area (city / agglo / country), the courier needs different time to pick up the goods. In the city area in common up to one hour from the time entered when ordering.

Example: Pick-up time from: 08:45 --> Courier picks up by 09:45


Can I order more than one parcel/letter/box?

In the first step of the purchase order, simply change to the desired quantity in the 'number of items to be transported:' field. A combination between letters and packages, boxes and packages, etc. is also possible.


I am the customer or the invoice recipient, but not the sender or recipient address. Where can I enter this information?

In the fourth step of the ordering process, you have the option of specifying yourself as the invoice recipient.


Why is my postcode not suggested or accepted?

There are post office box postal codes, these cannot be selected. In this case, please clarify the geographical postcode using the address, for example with


Why can I not place my order, but only request an offer?

Our network is in use for you from 08:00 to 18:00, after that not all partners are active anymore. This requires certain clarification, if the collection or delivery falls outside this time frame, you must forward this to us as an offer request and we will clarify this for you.


I have entered the pick-up time, why is it not possible to continue?

The pick-up time must be entered in this format XX:XX, e.g. 09:30.


Why is no price displayed in the order process?

swissconnect delivers daily to all corners of Switzerland, but the system still does not include all combinations of locations. Send us an offer using the link and we can add it to the system and execute the order for you.


My package is very heavy, can I still place the order?

We are constantly expanding our network to offer you even better service. We can now also transport pallets throughout Switzerland, but this requires prior clarification, which is why you must inform us of this in the form of an offer via the link to offer.


How can I be sure that my order is being processed?

We usually confirm orders within ten minutes after order creation. If you have not received a confirmation from us within 20 minutes of placing your order, you are welcome to contact us by telephone.


Why am I stuck in the postcode/city field?

In old versions of Internet Explorer you may experience the problem that you can no longer click. Use the tab key to move to the next field.