General Terms and Conditions of swissconnect ag

1. Period of Liability

The company swissconnect ag is liable for any kind of damage that is caused during transportation – starting from pickup until delivery of consignment.

2. Exclusion of Liability

The following points are strictly excluded from liability:

  • damage caused by incomplete or inadequate packaging

  • damages or flaws on goods transported in boxes, cardboard boxes or containers that could not be checked for proper condition and completeness during pickup

  • force majeure

  • transport of the following items: gold, silver, jewellery, gems, money and checks

  • electric or magnetic damages, deletion of data or other damages to magnet plates and electronic or photographic carrier materials of any kind

  • deliveries that have been deposited without signature upon explicit customer request

  • damages caused by vibration, frost, heat, temperature fluctuation, rain, snowfall and air humidity - provided swissconnect verifies to having acted with the necessary care of a professional transport carrier. 

3. Limitations of Liability

Without a written declaration of value on waybills, the liability for loss or damage of the transported goods, documents or packages is limited to the actual value of the object with a maximum of CHF 1‘000.- per job.

4. Taking out of a Transport Insurance

swissconnect may provide a transport insurance against damage or loss of the transported goods on demand and on account of the customer as far as she/he is not liable based on the preceding conditions, but only at the explicit and written request of customer. In any case, the right to reject insurance applications remains reserved to the insurer.

5. Placing Orders and Annulation of Orders

Orders are placed in written form. Customers without billing relationship to swissconnect may only place orders by internet. The annulation needs to ensue by phone or e-mail as fast as possible. In case swissconnect is not able to contact the courier in time for the annulation of a job, the costs incurred are charged. swissconnect and its partners reserve themselves the right to accept jobs. Standing orders that are subject to a regular and contractual agreement may be cancelled by the end of the current month with a 14-day notice.

6. Public Holidays

Special tariffs apply on public holidays. All orders are binding and are subject to separate annulation costs.

7. Pick-Up of Delivery

The delivery needs to be handed over to swissconnect in transportable condition. swissconnect may reject the transport of goods that do not comply with the declared specifications. The customer is charged with the costs incurred.

8. Goods Excluded from Transportation

  • Hazardous materials above the legal exemption limit (LQ). The currently applicable version of the ADR/SDR applies for transports on the road and the currently applicable version of the RID – article 7.6 - for transports in passenger trains of the Swiss Federal Railway system.

  • Goods that are legally prohibited to be transported or that may harm people or cause material damage.

  • fire weapons, ammunition, explosives or military equipment

  • pornographic or offensive material

  • living animals

9. Delivery of Consignment

The delivery of the consignment occurs according to the specifications of the customer. The customer needs to specify the recipientinstructions completely and accurately at all costs.

10. Transfer of Consignment

The consignment counts as delivered as soon as the recipient has received the package against signature. The customer approves the electronically registered transferevents by swissconnect as verification of the successful delivery. The acknowledgement of the delivery document may be transmitted to the customer on demand. Expenses are charged to the customer.

11. Complaint Period

Complaints concerning damaged or missing goods immediately need to be specified on the respective waybill in presence of the courier. In case of damage that is not visible from the exterior, a letter of complaint needs to be sent to swissconnect within 8 days after receipt of delivery. Charging of damage against transportation fee is excluded.

12. Method of Payment

Cash payment of courierjobs is explicitly excluded. The issuing of invoices occurs periodically – usually monthly. The invoice must be settled within 20 days. In case the customer fails to settle the invoice, she/he shall owe interest on arrears of seven per cent (7%) per year.

13. Place of Jurisdiction

Place of jurisdiction for all lawsuits is Lucerne.


January 2015