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A courier transports valuable express deliveries. Courier services that serve corporate clients have to be not only fast but must also carry out their orders with the highest quality. swissconnect has been ISO-9001 certified for many years. Find out more here about what we also do to guarantee the highest quality.


The standardisation of the quality management system

At the end of the day, every company wants satisfied customers. The path to this leads through various processes, guidelines and documented procedures which are summed up as the quality management system (QMS). The QMS determines how products are produced or services are performed for the customer. The international standard ISO-9001 also serves Swiss courier services as a basis for a system for the establishment and improvement of customer satisfaction. This certification and regular audits by external bodies guarantees that the basic principles are adhered to.

The trained employees personally monitor all software-supported express shipments

swissconnect is ISO-9001 certified – since 2010

A courier service assumes an important role within the supply chain. As a long-standing courier service for diverse industries in which high standards apply (transport of medication, laboratory analyses, etc.), quality is a central tenet for swissconnect ag. The decision already in 2010 to have ourselves certified according to ISO 9001 was the logical consequence of our quality-based mind-set. Thanks to regular audits and our successful re-certification in accordance with ISO 9001:2015 in 2018, swissconnect stands for the highest quality in Swiss express logistics.

ISO as basis for Business Excellence

After eight years of ISO-9001 certification, the two managing directors of swissconnect ag, Fabio Christen and Christoph Masoner took the next step and completed the Business Excellence training in 2018. This concerns offensive quality management, which enables companies to achieve top performance. The central pillar is the EFQM excellence model as a management and guidance system, which is recognised widely throughout Europe.

The entire transport is digitally coordinated and monitored by trained swissconnect ag employees

Active quality consciousness in the domestic swissconnect network

As the fastest and most sustainable courier service in Switzerland, swissconnect has put quality before quantity for more than 20 years. Every single delivery is double-monitored – through the in-house software and personally by trained members of staff. The contact to the 80 partner companies and 700 couriers that are part of the swissconnect network has been very close for many years. The members of the network meet up regularly to discuss current market trends and continuous improvement.

For longer distances, swissconnect has been using rail since 1999 to get express deliveries to their destination faster and more ecologically than any other courier service.
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