Courier app for delivery services

The courier app closes the gap between the planned shipment orders, which are recorded in the logistics software, and the courier drivers on the streets.


Does your company employ its own courier drivers, who are on the streets every day, to transport express shipments? Are you wasting time and creating stress because your express logistics processes are inefficient? Wouldn't it be nice if you could work with centralised logistics software that communicates with your courier drivers via a courier app? Wouldn't it be even nicer if you were digitally connected to the largest professional courier network in the whole of Switzerland? This would enable you to centrally manage your internal and external express logistics and choose the most sensible transport solution. Our logistics software offers this unique all-in-one solution in conjunction with the courier app – you can find out more about it in the report below.

The entire transport is digitally coordinated and monitored by trained swissconnect ag employees

Efficient processes for courier drivers and logistics managers

The courier app closes the gap between the planned shipment orders, which are recorded in the logistics software, and the courier drivers on the streets. They each receive all the necessary information about upcoming transport orders in real time on their Android or IOS device. All this information, such as the sender and recipient address, pick-up and delivery time, size of the delivery, and other details, makes the day-to-day work of courier drivers easier. For example, when they are choosing the fastest and most environmentally-friendly means of transport or planning their route, which is always visible thanks to the integration of Google Maps or IOS maps. A digital signature (sign-on-glass) can be recorded and photos added during collection and delivery. The “collection, transfer, and delivery” status updates are transmitted from the courier app to the logistics software in real time. This means you are always kept informed about the current shipment status and can plan follow-up processes and use the data for your reporting.

Signature on delivery of the express delivery - directly in the swissconnect ag courier app

Ease-of-use and quick operation

No courier driver wants to waste time. That's why we placed great value on usability when designing and building our courier app. We decided on a “native app” in order to achieve a familiar “look and feel” and make optimal, battery-saving, and efficient use of homogeneous hardware. This allows us to make optimum use of control elements such as the navigation bar of the respective operating systems. We collect targeted feedback from courier drivers and customers and incorporate it into further development and optimisation.

Couriers receive real-time information on their transport orders via the swissconnect app

Your digital connection to the largest courier network in the country

The swissconnect network includes 10 railway companies and 80 professional courier companies with 500 bike couriers and 200 car couriers. These experienced couriers all work with our centralised logistics software and the corresponding courier app. This creates a digital connection between your own courier drivers and 700 external courier drivers, spread throughout Switzerland. This means that in addition to your own courier drivers, you can also schedule external courier drivers for shipments and you can see, among other things, whether your urgent shipment has been picked up and when it will arrive in real time. Swissconnect has been using an ingenious transport system for over 20 years and uses the train whenever possible, which means that express deliveries reach their destination faster and in a more environmentally-friendly way than by road, since congestion is constantly increasing. Swissconnect's 700 courier drivers are authorised to independently load and unload trains belonging to 10 Swiss railway companies (SBB, BLS, RhB, etc.). They receive the information they need in real time via the courier app.

The unique logistics software from swissconnect searches for the fastest and most ecological transport connection

Benefits to using our courier app and logistics software

Our logistics software lets you organise all your shipments digitally, while the courier app keeps you constantly connected to your courier drivers on the road. If necessary, you can access the largest professional courier network in Switzerland to supplement your internal courier drivers with external courier drivers. Our unique transport system, which relies on the fastest and most environmentally-friendly transport option, opens up completely new possibilities for you.

Our courier app, affectionately named “Elodie”, and is available in the AppStore and Google Play Store.

For longer distances, swissconnect has been using rail since 1999 to get express deliveries to their destination faster and more ecologically than any other courier service.
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