23. January 2024

swissconnect saved 3476 tonnes of CO2 emissions last year

Michael Hauenstein Autor: Michael Hauenstein
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As the only courier service operating across Switzerland, swissconnect saved a total of 3476 tonnes of CO2 emissions in 2023, which corresponds to around 1390 litres of crude oil. This is made possible by a unique transport system in which the urgently needed goods are not transported by road, but by the most suitable means of transport. In the following blog post you can learn more about the fastest and most sustainable transport system and why swissconnect customers benefit twice over.

Deliver in record time and reduce emissions

Laboratory samples, spare parts or medicines need to be delivered within a few hours. It would be wrong to use a vehicle for such express transport, which is stuck in traffic jams, causes a lot of emissions and is expensive at the same time. swissconnect has been offering a unique transport system for 25 years now, which is faster and has lower emissions than any other transport option. To do this, the specially developed logistics software determines the smartest route from A to B and combines different means of transport. In the cities, bike couriers pick up the goods and take them to the railway station. From there, the transported goods travel in the locked compartment of the train to the consignee. There, the express consignment is unloaded and delivered by a local vehicle or bike courier. As a result, swissconnect not only delivers faster, but also much more ecologically than any other courier service in Switzerland.

The combination of different means of transport enables the fastest and most ecological deliveries - throughout Switzerland.

Customers benefit twice over

On the one hand, customers benefit from getting their goods transported in record time. On the other hand, they benefit from the CO2 savings certificate sent to them by swissconnect. It shows the quantity of the CO2 emissions saved because they opted for the unique swissconnect transport system instead of road transport. The CO2 savings certificate is included in the sustainability report of various companies and is also used in correspondence with end customers to demonstrate sustainable action by the respective companies. The CO2 emissions savings calculator, which calculates the emissions saved, was implemented in collaboration with Swiss Climate and is directly linked to the swissconnect logistics software.

swissconnect offers the fastest and most ecological delivery option for laboratory samples
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