Fast is the only way we do things

Our specialty is transports in record time.

Are you looking for a moving company or do you have a transport order that can wait, one not due in just a few hours? Then unfortunately we aren´t the right transport partner for you.

Prices starting at CHF 92.00

swissconnect gets to work when things have to move really fast. For example, when transporting laboratory samples, replacement parts or important documents. We put our focus on speed along with the highest quality, which has its price. We offer express deliveries starting at CHF 92.00. You can use our online price calculator to calculate the price per transport at any time and place an order directly digitally or request a courier immediately. The precondition for shipments starting at 30 kg is that the shipments are on pallets so that they can be loaded quickly and safely- if you´re moving from one apartment to another, we are not the right partner.

Since 1999, swissconnect combines different means of transport to guarantee the fastest and most ecological deliveries.

Express transports up to 750 kg

We handle express deliveries up to 30 kg with our unique transport system. For short routes, we depend on local bicycle or car couriers. For longer routes we use trains from various rail transport companies from all over Switzerland. We handle express transports of goods with a weight of more than 30 kg as direct shipping on the highway. Each individual express delivery is coordinated by swissconnect, monitored and processed using logistics software. Along with spontaneous single transports, we offer regular pick-up routes. Since 1999 swissconnect has been known as the fastest and most sustainable courier service for Switzerland. Would you like to learn more about us and know what our long-term customers are saying about us? Then just click here.

Request a courier

If you want to request a courier to come and pick up your urgent shipment? We are ready and we look forward to your order. Please click here, to place the order to pick up your express delivery.

Do you have any questions?

Please fill out the contact form below and let us know what type of express transport you would like. We will get back to you as soon as possible with a detailed offer.