Ecological transport of laboratory samples for Medics Labor AG

Sustainable action is one of Medics Labor AG's most important values. It is a value that is actively practised, and one that is also reflected in the fact that ecological means of transport are used for the transport of biological sample material. This saved a total of 182'560 kg of CO2 in 2022, which corresponds to a saving of around 73'024 litres of petrol. The following article illustrates how the Bern laboratory manages to save so much CO2 with clever logistics solutions.

Medics offers high-quality medical and diagnostic services. Thanks to the fast and ecological transport methods provided by swissconnect, the medical sample material from all over Switzerland arrives quickly at our premises and we can transmit the analysis results to the attending physicians in record time.

Felix Ackermann Head of Customer Service and Marketing at Medics Labor AG

A qualified team

The focus of Medics is on high-quality medical and diagnostic services for medical practices, medical centres and homes. Staff, management and consultants are close to the clients and support them in the event of questions. In addition to countless analytical procedures, the qualified team also offers advice on the optimisation of laboratory processes and various solutions for the transmission of findings. The concept has proved successful - customers from practically all over Switzerland rely on Medics Labor AG's services. It is important for the rapid transmission of findings and high customer satisfaction that the sample material arrives at the laboratory for analysis quickly and at the agreed time.

Felix Ackermann, Head of Customer Service and Marketing at Medics Labor AG

Fast and environmentally friendly couriers

Medics' customers can count not only on a well-trained customer service team, but also on a reliable courier service. In addition to its own car couriers, Medics has relied for many years on the support of swissconnect ag, which operates throughout Switzerland, for the urgent transport of laboratory samples. Thanks to the unique transport system, which combines the most appropriate means of transport such as bicycle, train and car, Medics managed to save 182'560 kg of CO2 in 2022 - equivalent to around 73'024 litres of petrol. In this way, Medics makes a valuable contribution to climate protection.

Clever transport methods - day and night

Clever transport solutions are needed to offer the best service to laboratory customers, including the rapid transmission of findings. For example, sample material from Lugano and Valais is not driven to Bern by car because it would lose a lot of time in traffic jams and emit huge amounts of CO2. Instead, swissconnect offers the local courier partners in its specially developed courier software, who collect the laboratory samples from the doctors and load them into a closed compartment of the SBB. At the capital's train station, the Bern bike courier unloads and brings the urgent shipments by bike to Medics, where the samples are analysed. Thanks to the exact arrival time of the SBB, the subsequent processes in the laboratory can be well planned. This is also the case with swissconnect night deliveries, which are analysed early in the morning. Thanks to such clever transport solutions, Medics from Bern manages to exceed the expectations of its customers, who come from all over Switzerland, while at the same time protecting the environment.

The logistics at Medics Labor AG are optimised so that the reporting times are as short as possible
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