Fast and safe transport of umbilical cord stem cells for FamiCord Suisse S.A.

A wide variety of diseases can be treated with stem cells extracted from umbilical cord blood and umbilical cord tissue. The umbilical cord stem cells are removed during birth in various hospitals throughout Switzerland. The specially designed collection set from FamiCord Suisse S.A. must then be transported quickly and safely to the laboratory. In the laboratory, the stem cells are preserved, frozen and stored for decades. In the following text, you will find out why FamiCord Suisse S.A. opted for the courier service swissconnect and how the express deliveries work in detail.

About umbilical cord stem cells and FamiCord Suisse S.A.

Umbilical cord blood and umbilical cord tissue are a rich source of valuable stem cells. The frozen umbilical cord stem cells can be used to treat various diseases such as leukaemia and multiple sclerosis. Unlike stem cells extracted later (e.g. from bone marrow), umbilical cord stem cells are not yet damaged by diseases and mutations and are usually free of viruses and bacteria. FamiCord Suisse S.A. is part of the FamiCord Group – Europe's largest stem cell bank.

FamiCord Suisse S.A.

The courier service swissconnect picks up the umbilical cord stem cells in record time and brings them to our laboratory. Whenever possible, quick pick-ups are made by bike couriers – this ecological transport option corresponds of Famicord Suisse S.A.’s strategy.

Gunther Ceusters Managing director, FamiCord Suisse S.A.

Pick-up of the collection sets in record time

The pick-up of the umbilical cord blood is carried out by trained personnel. Immediately after the birth, the umbilical cord blood is deposited in specially designed collection sets and the courier is assigned to pick it up. There is a QR code and the telephone number of the courier service swissconnect, which operates throughout Switzerland, on the collection set. The courier can be requested by scanning the QR code or by phone. The unique transport system from swissconnect allows it to be picked up in record time – from all hospitals and private addresses throughout Switzerland. Fast transport is important because the collection sets have to be brought to the laboratory within a few hours, where the stem cells are frozen. In the password-protected customer login from swissconnect, the laboratory management can see the time at which the collection sets will be delivered and can thus plan the appropriate resources in the laboratory.

In the largest 20 Swiss cities, swissconnect has relied on bike couriers since 1999

Sustainability lies at the heart of FamiCord Suisse S.A.

In order to pick up the collection sets from all over Switzerland a few hours after the birth, swissconnect relies on its close-knit network of 80 courier companies. In remote regions, local car couriers are called upon to take care of transport. In the 20 largest Swiss cities, the collection sets are picked up by the local bike couriers. With this fast and sustainable transport option, no time is lost in traffic jams and in 2022, a whole 11'527 kg of CO2 could be saved.

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