MEDISYN SA transports laboratory samples as quickly and sustainably as possible

MEDISYN is one of the leading providers of medical diagnostic services and is pursuing the goal of becoming a climate-neutral company by 2025. The transport of laboratory samples generates emissions, which MEDISYN reduces to a minimum by using the unique swissconnect transport system. You can find out more about this profitable collaboration below.

Fast courier service

MEDISYN is present in every region of Switzerland with central and regional laboratories. To collect the laboratory samples from doctors and hospitals, MEDISYN uses its own courier service or one of the 700 swissconnect couriers. This is because the faster shipments are completed, the faster the analysis results can be passed on to the attending doctor. The unique swissconnect transport system does not rely rigidly on one means of transport, but uses a combination of the most suitable means of transport. In the city centre, nimble bike couriers pick up the lab samples. In the case of long distances, a low-emission train is used. Cars are used in remote areas where no other option is available. This means that the laboratory samples are transported in record time and with practically no traffic jams, noise or CO2 emissions.

The courier service swissconnect transports SYNLAB laboratory samples quickly and sustainably

The unique swissconnect transport system reduces CO2 emissions during the express shipment of laboratory samples to a minimum and supports MEDISYN on its journey to becoming a climate-neutral company

Heribert Arndorfer Dispatcher D-CH, MEDISYN SA

Sustainable action is central

The collection of laboratory samples from doctors and hospitals throughout Switzerland and their rapid shipment to the laboratory is vital so as to be able to offer MEDISYN customers an excellent service. During this important process, great importance is attached to eco-friendliness. In 2023 MEDISYN was able to save 59'389 kg of the harmful greenhouse gas CO2 by using the most judicious means of transport for the express transport of laboratory samples instead of cars.

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