Express transport of laboratory samples for Microsynth AG

Microsynth AG, with its headquarters in Balgach, is a leading European company in the field of nucleic acid synthesis and analysis. The company offers products and services of the highest quality and consistently focuses on sustainable solutions - even when it comes to the swift transport of laboratory samples. In the following text, you will learn how it is possible to collect countless laboratory samples simultaneously from a wide variety of locations in Switzerland and transport them to the laboratory in Balgach, St. Gallen, in record time.

In order to collect countless laboratory samples from a wide variety of locations in Switzerland at the same time and transport them to our laboratory, robust and reliable logistics are of central importance. We have relied on swissconnect ag for many years because there is no faster, more reliable and more ecological transport option for laboratory samples in Switzerland.

Dr. Markus Schmid Co-CEO, COO Microsynth AG

Excellent sequencing service at competitive prices

For more than three decades, the company's goal has been to offer its customers products and services of the highest quality, to deliver them on time, and to provide its customers with excellent service - all at competitive prices. Especially in the field of classical Sanger sequencing, “speed” is a very important sales criterion. Microsynth only takes about 16 h on an average between collecting the analysis samples in the late afternoon and sending the results early next morning. Microsynth has relied on swissconnect ag for many years to collect the laboratory samples and transport them to the laboratory as quickly and ecologically as possible.

Personal delivery of laboratory samples throughout Switzerland

Faster and more punctual than any road transport

Shortly before the researchers take their well-deserved evening off, countless samples are collected from various universities and companies in the biotech and pharmaceutical sectors across Switzerland (Bellinzona, Geneva, Lausanne, Basel, Bern, Zurich, etc.) at virtually the same time. In the 20 largest cities, local bike couriers fan out to collect the samples. In remote areas, local taxi couriers take on the collections and load the lab samples into a locked compartment on the SBB trains. The laboratory samples travel quickly, avoiding traffic jams, and on time by train to the Microsynth laboratory in Balgach in the Rhine Valley. Thanks to the high punctuality of the Swiss rail network, the subsequent processes in the laboratory can be planned precisely and the samples can be analysed during the night.

Since 1999, swissconnect combines different means of transport to guarantee the fastest and most ecological deliveries.

Sustainability in action

Since 1999, swissconnect's unique transport method has been not only the fastest, but also the most ecological way to get laboratory samples from A to B. The local bike couriers or car couriers take on the short distances, while the long distances are covered by train. The trained swissconnect staff organise and monitor the entire transport from collection to punctual delivery to the laboratory. Each express transport is managed centrally via a specially developed logistics software, to which a CO2 calculator is also connected. Compared to conventional road transport, Microsynth AG was able to save a total of 116,049 kg of CO2 in 2022, which corresponds to saving 46,419 litres of petroleum.

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